Health Care Reform is confusing for everyone.

HBA can provide immediate assistance to ensure that your benefits are the best they can be.

HBA Large Group Options

Large Group

Do you have 50 or more full time equivalent (fte) employee's?

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HBA Small Group Options

Small Group

Do you have less than 50 full time equivalent (fte) employee's?

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HBA Individual Options


We can help you and your family obtain qualified coverage.

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Why Do Business with HBA?

Businesses use HBA because throughout the years we have saved them thousands of dollars and have improved their employee benefits. Many of these businesses were happy with their current brokers until they got a second opinion from HBA.

Welcome to Our Company

Health Benefits Advisors (HBA) combines years of health care industry experience with leading-edge products to provide exceptional service and value to our customers.

We provide consulting services on a full range of brokerage services including employee benefits, property and casualty, and financial and retirement.

With offices in Westlake Village and Newport Beach, CA, we think nationally but act locally, with personal services designed specifically for each individual client. HBA shares information and resources with national networks of brokers to ensure we can meet your every need and find answers to your questions quickly and efficiently.

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Get free HR advice and answers through the Hotline and access to the HR Library filled with thousands of online tools, forms and guides. Easily find accurate information that applies to you.

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