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Our Committment to our Clients

At Health Benefits Advisors, we know that your employees are your company’s most valuable assets! Our goals are very clear. We take immense pride in working with our clients to make sure you offer the best plans available and at the lowest possible premiums. We know how important it is to make sure that your employees are personally engaged in health lifestyles and lead productive lives!


Our highly satisfied clients retain our services for Four key reasons.


Key Asset Management

Finding and keeping employees is a critical success component and we help you offer the right benefits.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

We know which insurance products will help identify productivity dampening “Presenteeism” issues that employees bring to work and how to resolve the issues.

Employee Benefit Plans

We take the time to understand your corporate objectives and propose only those insurance products that are the best deal for your company’s bottom line. The substantial investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns that offer the greatest benefit to your company and your employees. HBA has the breadth of expertise to assess your company’s needs and the depth of resources to implement a plan structured to meet those needs.

Extending Your HR Team

Working in collaboration with your Human Resources team, we will enhance your employee benefits, deliver data analytics, offer wellness services and improve employee communications in order to improve recruitment efforts and reduce turnover. Throughout the process, we will help you provide the best possible value for your investment in employee benefits.


Client Wellness Culture Support

Health Benefits Advisors helps a Multi-state Client Implement a Corporate Wellness Culture

Our client was concerned about the overall health of their employees and the financial impact of bad health on their health care premiums.

The employer’s goals were to:

1. Build and nurture a corporate wellness culture that engaged and rewarded employees that actively took steps to make lifestyle changes toward leading health lifestyles

2. Create an environment where employees are as productive as possible at work and home.

The challenges to designing, implementing and conducting an ongoing analysis of the R.O.I. were as follows:

1. The health care premiums for 95% of employers (those with less than 500 employees) are calculated by the insurance carriers on an “actuarially pooled” basis. As a result, an employer’s individual effort will have a negligible effect on their rates.

2. Educating and engaging employees and their families involves a sophisticated process incorporating a complete “top down” senior management commitment.

3. Corporate wide incentive/reward programs must be implemented to engage a critical mass of employees into Health Assessment activities.

4. Due to HIPPA data confidentiality of the health assessment information, employers will only have access to summary level data when conducting R.O.I analysis.

5. Many employees’ life style decisions have led to employees with major disease management issues as well as basically being obese or addicted to alcohol or tobacco.

HBA created a plan to develop, implement and manage a wellness campaign with the following key features

1. Create and empower a committee of employees (management and operations) to spearhead the design and implementation of the programs

2. Provide periodic communications to employees and their families regarding available programs

3. Develop incentive plans to encourage and reward active and appropriate employee/dependents participation

4. Penalize lack of participation in the programs (when absolutely necessary) for the sake of the employee and the company

5. The Campaign is rolled out throughout the companies many locations

Our client was very happy with:

1. Overall acceptance of the Wellness Culture by employees and meeting a goal of 25% initial engagement of employees through the use of health assessment tools.

2. The design of data mining reports that have tracked and reported positive changes in overall employee changes in life style toward better health outcomes.

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